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Many people buy shoes which do not fit properly

Studies conducted by the German Shoe Institute, of which we are also a member, indicate that nearly80% of the German population purchase ill-fitting shoes. This is an alarmingly high percentage. Whilewomen tend to buy shoes that are too small, men often make the mistake of buying shoes that are toobig. This is considered to be a major mistake.

Take your time when buying shoes

It's important to examine the interior of your shoes for any uncomfortable seams, bulges or hardenedareas. Some shoe manufacturers tend to cut costs by not fully lining the shoes, leaving exposed seamsand edges in areas that are not visible. At Sioux, we make sure to fully line our shoes and stitch togetherlarge sections to avoid unnecessary seams and edges that can affect comfort when worn. However, thismethod is more expensive as it requires larger pieces of leather. We prioritize quality over cost and donot produce low-cost shoes, but rather high-quality shoes that are worth the investment.

Try on both shoes

It's rare for feet to be the same length and width. Typically, right-handed individuals have a dominantright foot, which tends to be larger than the left. The opposite is true for left-handed individuals.Therefore, it's important to try on both shoes when buying new footwear. Additionally, shoes tend toexpand with age, which means that shoe size may change over time. When shopping for shoes, keep anopen mind and focus on the fit rather than the size. It's worth noting that shoes from differentmanufacturers may vary in size, so it's crucial to prioritize how the shoe feels on your unique foot shape.

Pay attention to the leather finishing

You shouldn’t disregard whether the shoe is made of a synthetic material or leather. Humans release around 0.1 cl (i.e. a shot glass) of perspiration from their feet each day. It is therefore imperative that the shoe is breathable and can absorb moisture. Leather is a natural product with distinctive material properties. No other material is as flexible and can absorb and release moisture so effortlessly. Here, at Sioux, we either fully line our shoes with a real leather lining (90% of shoes) or with a breathable microfibre (part of the canvas Grashopper features this lining). This leads to a healthy foot climate and counteracts sweaty feet.

Know whether or not to trust the manufacturer

It is not just the workmanship of the shoe which is important, but also which materials the manufacturer uses and under which conditions the raw materials have been processed, i.e. tanning of the leather and workmanship involved in manufacturing the shoe. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the origin and sustainability of their leather. And rightly so. However, on the other hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a consumer to guarantee the quality of their leather. Nowadays, faux leather is becoming so much more refined that only experts are able to tell the difference between this and genuine leather.  German brand manufacturers such as Sioux guarantee excellent quality and compliance with all statutory social and environmental standards with their good name. We have been making shoes, and nothing but shoes, for over 60 years now. Every one of our shoes is finished with expert know-how, craftsmanship and a loving touch

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